Industrial Biography: Iron Workers and Tool Makers

ebook: Industrial Biography: Iron Workers and Tool Makers

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Industrial Biography, Iron Workers and Tool Makers is a biography by Samuel Smiles. It covers the lives of engineers, inventors and tool innovators in their quests to come up with practical improvements for several branches of industry.

About the Author

Samuel Smiles (1812–1904) was a Scottish author and government reformer, pioneering the genre of self-help with his most notable work, 'Self-Help; with Illustrations of Character and Conduct' (1859). He began his career in medicine after studying at the University of Edinburgh, but he soon shifted his focus to writing and social reform. His ethos emphasized individual responsibility and self-improvement, which resonated in Victorian Britain and became instrumental in the development of the self-help movement. In 'Industrial Biography: Iron Workers and Tool Makers' (1863), Smiles expounded on the lives and innovations of the engineers and craftsmen who powered the Industrial Revolution. His narrative not only chronicled the technical advancements of his day but also offered inspiration through the perseverance and creativity of the individuals shaping the industry. Smiles's literary style is marked by a didactic tone, emphasizing morality and hard work. His biographies are often interwoven with philosophical musings on the nature of success, character, and the self-made man. His works remain an important historical record of Victorian industry and have been studied for their unique blend of biography, social commentary, and motivational literature.

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