Boris Godunov

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Boris Godunov is a closet play by Alexander Pushkin. Godunov reigned as Tsar in Russia and this fantastic play invites the reader into 17th century palace intrigue!

About the Author

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin stands among the quintessential figures in Russian literature and is often considered the founder of modern Russian literature. Born into Russian nobility on June 6, 1799, in Moscow, Pushkin was part of the first generation to grow up during the Romantic era. His background provided him with a comprehensive education, and he began writing poetry at an early age. Pushkin's oeuvre is not limited to one genre but spans poetry, drama, and prose, with a distinct and profound influence of both European and Russian traditions. His novel in verse, 'Eugene Onegin', is acclaimed for its innovation in poetic form, narrative, and character development. The drama 'Boris Godunov' is another of Pushkin's significant contributions to Russian literature; it is renowned for its intricate depiction of a historical period and psychological depth. Pushkin's mastery of the Russian language and his synthesis of literary elements have earned him the title of the 'Russian Shakespeare'. His literary style is characterized by its use of simple yet poignant language, its exploration of a wide spectrum of human emotions, and its blend of reality with folklore and fantasy. Pushkin's influence is pervasive in Russian arts and culture, and his works remain a cornerstone not just in Russian literature, but in the pantheon of world literature. His tragic death in a duel in 1837 at the age of 37 did not stop his legacy from continuing to inspire generations of writers and readers worldwide.

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