The Complete Works of Louisa May Alcott (Illustrated Edition)

ebook: The Complete Works of Louisa May Alcott (Illustrated Edition)

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

e-artnow present to you this meticulously edited and formatted Louisa May Alcott eBook collection:
Louisa May Alcott: Her Life, Letters, and Journals
Little Women
Good Wives
Little Men
Jo's Boys
The Mysterious Key and What It Opened
An Old Fashioned Girl
Work: A Story of Experience
Eight Cousins; or, The Aunt-Hill
Rose in Bloom: A Sequel to Eight Cousins
Under the Lilacs
Jack and Jill: A Village Story
Behind a Mask, or a Woman's Power
The Abbot's Ghost, Or Maurice Treherne's Temptation
A Modern Mephistopheles
Pauline's Passion and Punishment
Short Story Collections:
Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag (Vol.1-7)
Lulu's Library (Vol.1-3)
Flower Fables
On Picket Duty, and other tales
Spinning-Wheel Stories
A Garland for Girls
Silver Pitchers: and Independence, a Centennial Love Story
A Merry Christmas & Other Christmas Stories
Hospital Sketches
Marjorie's Three Gifts
Proverb Stories
Morning-Glories and Other Stories
A. B. A.
A Little Grey Curl
To Papa
In Memoriam
An Autumn Song
F. A. P.
The Flower's Lesson
The Hawthorne
In the Garret
The Lay of the Golden Goose
Little Nell
Little Paul
Merry Christmas
The Mother Moon
My Beth
My Doves
My Kingdom
My Prayer
Our Angel in the House
Our Little Ghost
Our Madonna
A Song for Little Freddie on his Third Birthday
A Song from the Suds
Thoreau's Flute
To Anna
To Father
To Mother
To My Father on his 86th Birthday
Far away in the Sunshine
God comfort thee dear mother
The great deep heart
Philosophers sit in their sylvan hall
Softly dot the sun descend
There is a town of high repute
Two pair of blue hose
A Wail Uttered in the Woman's Club
What Polly Found in Her Stocking
Where's Bennie
With a Rose
Captive of Castile
Norna; or, The Witch's Curse
The Greek Slave
The Unloved Wife

About the Author

Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) was an American novelist, short story writer and poet best known as the author of the novel Little Women (1868) and its sequels Little Men (1871) and Jo's Boys (1886). Raised in New England by her transcendentalist parents, she grew up among many of the well-known intellectuals of the day, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Alcott's family suffered from financial difficulties, and while she worked to help support the family from an early age, she also sought an outlet in writing. She began to receive critical success for her writing in the 1860s. Early in her career, she sometimes used the pen name A. M. Barnard, under which she wrote novels for young adults that focused on spies and revenge.

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