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About the eBook

Pirate Narratives is a collection of authentic tales of some of the notorious buccaneers and marauders. It contains biographies, first-hand accounts, diary entries, court documents and many other sources that make up very interesting and informative history of the pirates, covering a broad spectrum from Nordic marauders in Middle Ages, through Arabian plunderers, Barbary swashbucklers and pirates of Indian Ocean, to the most famous Atlantic and Caribbean buccaneers.
Table of Contents:
The Danish and Norman Pirates
Adventures and Exploits of Captain Avery
The Remarkable History of the Joassamee Pirates of the Persian Gulf
The Barbarous Conduct and Romantic Death of the Joassamee Chief, Rahmah-Ben-Jabir
The Life of Lafitte, the Famous Pirate of the Gulf of Mexico
The Life of Captain Roberts
The Life of Charles Gibbs
History of the Adventures, Capture and Execution of the Spanish Pirates
The Life of Benito De Soto the Pirate of the Morning Star
The Adventures of Captain Robert Kidd
The Bloody Career and Execution of Vincent Benavides a Pirate on the West Coast of South America
The Life of Captain Davis
Authentic History of the Malay Pirates of the Indian Ocean
The Adventures of Captain Condent
The Life of Captain Edward Low
Life and Adventures of Captain Edward England
Account of the Lynn Pirates
History of the Ladrone Pirates
The Life of Captain Lewis
The Life, Career and Death of Captain Thomas White
The Life, Atrocities, and Bloody Death of Black Beard
The Exploits, Arrest, and Execution of Captain Charles Vane
The West India Pirates
The Adventures and Execution of Captain John Rackam
The Life and Exploits of Anne Bonney
The Adventures and Heroism of Mary Read
The Algerine Pirates
The Adventures, Trial and Execution of Captain Gow

About the Author

Charles Ellms is a 19th century author and editor best known for his book about pirates, containing authentic narratives of the most celebrated sea robbers.

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