Arsène Lupin

ebook: Arsène Lupin

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About the eBook

The first entry in Maurice LeBlance's long-running series about France's hero-thief Arsene Lupin. This is a novelization by Edgar Jepson based on the play by Maurice Leblanc and Francis de Croisset.


1. The Millionaire's Daughter
2. The Coming of the Charolais
3. Lupin's Way
4. The Duke Intervenes
5. A Letter from Lupin
6. Again the Charolais
7. The Theft of the Motor-Cars
8. The Duke Arrives
9. M. Formery Opens the Inquiry
10. Guerchard Assist
11. The Family Arrives
12. The Theft of the Pendant
13. Lupin Wires
14. Guerchard Picks up the True Scent
15. The Examination of Sonia
16. Victoire's Slip
17. Sonia's Escape
18. The Duke Stays
19. The Duke Goes
20. Lupin Comes Home
21. The Cutting of the Telephone Wires
22. The Bargain
23. The End of the Duel

About the Author

Edgar Alfred Jepson (1863 - 1938) was an English writer, principally of mainstream adventure and detective fiction, but also of some supernatural and fantasy stories that are better remembered. He used a pseudonym R. Edison Page for some of his many short stories, collaborating at times with John Gawsworth, Hugh Clevely and possibly Arthur Machen, long-term friends.

He was editor for a short period of Vanity Fair magazine, where he employed Richard Middleton, and did much to preserve the latter's memory. He was also a translator, notably of the Arsène Lupin stories of Maurice Leblanc.

He was a member of the Square Club (from 1908) of established Edwardian authors, and also one of the more senior of the New Bohemians drinking club.

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