Some Christmas Stories

ebook: Some Christmas Stories

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Charles Dickens’ work is ranked among the finest writing in the Western canon, and the author specialized in seasonal stories to warm the hearts of his adoring fans during the holiday season. Dickens’s relationship with Christmas extends far beyond the success of „A Christmas Carol”, with five short Christmas books and countless slighter stories on a festive theme. In all of them he uses Christmas as a time to wake up the dozing conscience of the prosperous urban middle classes. This collection of Christmas-themed tales are an entertaining read during the holidays or any time you need a quick pick-me-up. In this volume you will find the following entertaining holiday tales: „The Christmas Tree”, „What Christmas is as We Grow Older”, „The Poor Relation’s Story”, „The Child’s Story”, „The Schoolboy’s Story”, „Nobody’s Story”. Elegantly written, in pure Dickensian style, these short stories evoke the magic of Christmas and its true meaning.

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