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Alexandre Dumas’s 1846 novel, „Captain Paul” is based on life of John Paul Jones, a captain in the American Navy during the revolutionary war. This epic adventure is written in best traditions of Duma’s work featuring numerous desperate battles, true love, brave heroes, devious villains, and intrigue. This tale of high adventure and daring-do is highly recommended for fans of Dumas’s work, and would make for a fantastic addition to any bookshelf! One of the most widely read French authors in history, Alexandre Dumas is best-known for his iconic classic „The Three Musketeers”, as well as for „The Count of Monte Cristo”, and the two Musketeer sequels „Twenty Years After” and „The Vicomte de Bragelome: Ten Years Later”. Dumas began his writing career as a successful playwright, and later evolved to writing magazine articles and travel books, before extending his talents to fiction.

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