Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success

ebook: Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success

Sprache - Englisch

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This is one of James Allen's (author of As a Man Thinketh) final works. It covers living in happiness and gaining success. It was published in 1913 after his death.

This small and attractive work contains many beautiful and choice thoughts upon the principles and methods of right living to ensure spiritual satisfaction, blessedness, and peace. This work is imbued with the Author's personality, and is carefully edited by Mrs. Lily L. Allen, who says: "This is one of the last Manuscripts written by James Allen. Like all his works, it is eminently practical to live out the teaching of this book faithfully in every detail of life will lead one to more than Happiness and Success." The many admirers of James Allen will be glad to add this work to their library.

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