The Lady of Ascot

ebook: The Lady of Ascot

Sprache - Englisch

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She could not yet be called a woman, but she was no longer a child under any circumstances. Curiosity spreads in the small village of Ascot when a wealthy Countess settles there. Even the private investigator John Morlay is enraptured by the young and beautiful Marie Fioli. When he is surprisingly hired by former nanny Maries Beschutzer, he sees a chance to get closer to the Countess. But his mission serves a completely different purpose... As the novel is rather short and quite fast-paced with a lot of scenery-changes and adventures, this nice. „The Lady of Ascot” is one of the most successful book of the 30s’, the golden age of mysteries. Recommended for Edgar Wallace fans and fans of old-time, classic crime thrillers.

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