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Sprache - Englisch

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Among the most prolific of all authors of adventure fiction was the redoubtable Edgar Wallace. During the peak of his success during the 1920’s, it was said that a quarter of all books read in England were written by him. In this classic comedy, an office boy unexpectedly inherits the title of Marquis. As well as dealing with this unexpected elevation in his status, and learning how to behave as a member of the aristocracy he also has to protect his newly inherited estate from clever con-men who try to convince him that there is oil on his land and after a series of adventures win the girl he loves. Mildly comic with a likeable title character, an enjoyable piece of fluff.

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Genre: Sprache - Englisch

Language: English

Size: 219 Pages

Filesize: 2.5 MB

ISBN: 9788381480260