God the Invisible King (The original unabridged edition)

ebook: God the Invisible King (The original unabridged edition)

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This carefully crafted ebook: "God the Invisible King (The original unabridged edition)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. This book sets out as forcibly and exactly as possible the religious belief of the writer. That belief is not orthodox Christianity; it is not, indeed, Christianity at all; its core nevertheless is a profound belief in a personal and intimate God. There is nothing in its statements that need shock or offend anyone who is prepared for the expression of a faith different from and perhaps in several particulars opposed to his own. The writer will be found to be sympathetic with all sincere religious feeling. Nevertheless it is well to prepare the prospective reader for statements that may jar harshly against deeply rooted mental habits. It is well to warn him at the outset that the departure from accepted beliefs is here no vague scepticism, but a quite sharply defined objection to dogmas very widely revered. Table of contents: Preface Chapter I. The Cosmogony of Modern Religion Chapter II. Heresies; Or The Things That God Is Not Chapter III. The Likeness of God Chapter IV. The Religion of Atheists Chapter V. The Invisible King Chapter VI. Modern Ideas of Sin and Damnation Chapter VII. The Idea of a Church The Envoy Herbert George "H. G." Wells (1866 – 1946) was an English writer, now best known for his work in the science fiction genre. He was also a prolific writer in many other genres, including contemporary novels, history, politics and social commentary, even writing textbooks and rules for war games. Wells was now considered to be one of the world's most important political thinkers and during the 1920s and 30s he was in great demand as a contributor to newspapers and journals.

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