Edward Phillips Oppenheim: 11 Novels (Golden Deer Classics)

ebook: Edward Phillips Oppenheim: 11 Novels (Golden Deer Classics)

Sprache - Englisch

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- Berenice (1907): Oppenheim in a new vein--the story of the love of a novelist of high ideals for an actress.

- The Double Four (1911): A novel about secret societies in New York.

- The Moving Finger (1911): A mystifying story dealing with a wealthy M.P.'s experiment with a poor young man.

- The Vanished Messenger (1914)

- The Black Box (1915)

- The Double Traitor (1915): A story of the diplomatic events leading up to the European War.

- An Amiable Charlatan (1916): Novel in which an aristocrat's son falls in love with a female thief. (a.k.a The Game of Liberty)

- The Kingdom of the Blind (1916): An espionage novel set during World War I.

- The Zeppelin's Passenger (1918): a.k.a. Mr. Lessingham Goes Home

- The Great Impersonation (1920): The Great Impersonation is a mystery novel written by E. Phillips Oppenheim and published in 1920. German Leopold von Ragastein meets his doppelganger, Englishman Everard Dominey, in Africa, and plans to murder him and steal his identity in order to spy on English high society just prior to World War I. However, doubts of the returned Dominey's true identity begin to arise in this tale of romance, political intrigue, and a (literally) haunting past.

- The Evil Shepherd (1922): A novel of English life of a melodramatic character, so fascinating and so stirring that the most hardened reader can hardly fail to receive a series of thrills.

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