The Memoirs of Casanova (Illustrated Edition)

ebook: The Memoirs of Casanova (Illustrated Edition)

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A series of adventures wilder and more fantastic than the wildest of romances, written down with the exactitude of a business diary; a view of men and cities from Naples to Berlin, from Madrid and London to Constantinople and St. Petersburg; the 'vie intime' of the eighteenth century depicted by a man, who to-day sat with cardinals and saluted crowned heads, and tomorrow lurked in dens of profligacy and crime; a book of confessions penned without reticence and without penitence; a record of forty years of "occult" charlatanism; a collection of tales of successful imposture, of 'bonnes fortunes', of marvellous escapes, of transcendent audacity, told with the humour of Smollett and the delicate wit of Voltaire. Who is there interested in men and letters, and in the life of the past, who would not cry, "Where can such a book as this be found?" Yet the above catalogue is but a brief outline, a bare and meager summary, of the book known as "THE MEMOIRS OF CASANOVA"; a work absolutely unique in literature. He who opens these wonderful pages is as one who sits in a theatre and looks across the gloom, not on a stage-play, but on another and a vanished world. Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798) was an Italian adventurer and author from the Republic of Venice. He often signed his works Jacques Casanova de Seingalt after he began writing in French following his second exile from Venice. He has become so famous for his often complicated and elaborate affairs with women that his name is now synonymous with "womanizer". He associated with European royalty, popes and cardinals, along with luminaries such as Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, Goethe, and Mozart.

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Giacomo Casanova, born in Venice on April 2, 1725, remains an iconic figure of the European Enlightenment, primarily remembered for his elaborate autobiography, 'Histoire de ma vie' (Story of My Life), which has piqued the interest of scholars and romantics alike. Notably, one of the more famous English translations is presented in 'The Memoirs of Casanova (Illustrated Edition),' which offers readers a window into the adventurous life he led. Casanova was more than just a legendary lover; he traversed various professions, including that of a clergyman, military officer, writer, and even a spy. Stylistically, Casanova's writing is imbued with a vivid sense of place and character, given his propensity for detail and his acute observations of 18th-century European society. His memoirs, which offer a compendium of adventure, romance, and philosophical thoughts, were penned with a level of candor unusual for his time. Casanova's literary contributions extend beyond his memoirs and include a number of other works, weaving in themes such as magic, alchemy, and the occult. Modern literary criticism has since revisited Casanova's writings, situating him as a significant, if complex, historical figure whose works offer insights into the mores of his era and the libertine culture. Casanova died on June 4, 1798, in Duchcov, Bohemia, but his legacy endures through his legendary status and his contributions to literary history.

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