The American Revolution: From the Rejection of the Stamp Act Until the Final Victory

ebook: The American Revolution: From the Rejection of the Stamp Act Until the Final Victory

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This edition offers you a complete overview of the American history before the great revolution, the wars after the uprising, and the impact of the revolution itself. This meticulously edited book includes all the documents which are crucial for the history of USA before and after the Revolution and the works that influenced the revolutionary thinking. Contents: The History of the American Revolution: The Beginnings The Crisis The Continental Congress Independence First Blow at the Centre Second Blow at the Centre Saratoga The French Alliance Valley Forge Monmouth and Newport War on the Frontier War on the Ocean A Year of Disasters Benedict Arnold Yorktown Key Speeches and Documents: First Charter of Virginia (1606) Second Charter of Virginia (1609) Mayflower Compact (1620) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639) Of Plymouth Plantation (1630-1651) The Stamp Act (1765) Declaration of Rights and Grievances (1765) Virginia Resolutions Against the Stamp Act (1765) Glorious News, Boston, Friday 11 O'clock, 16th May 1766 Quartering Act of 1765 Townshend Act (1767) Continental Association (1774) Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death by Patrick Henry (1775) Thanksgiving Proclamations (1776, 1777, 1782, 1789) Common Sense (1776) Declaration of Independence (1776) Articles of Confederation (1777) Constitution (1787)

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John Fiske, a prominent historian and philosopher of the late 19th century, was a critical figure in popularizing the broad tapestry of American history. Born on March 30, 1842, in Hartford, Connecticut, Fiske's academic prowess was apparent from a young age. He attended Harvard College, graduating in 1863, and later Harvard Law School, although his passion lay in the realms of history and philosophy. His scholarly endeavors eventually eschewed the practice of law in favor of pursuing his intellectual interests full time. Fiske's contributions to historical literature are extensive, and his narrative style made the often complex history accessible to a wide audience. Notably, his work 'The American Revolution: From the Rejection of the Stamp Act Until the Final Victory' presents an in-depth look at the Revolutionary War, weaving a detailed narrative that captures the essence of the era's political and social climate. Fiske's approach to history was characterized by an acute attention to the cultural and ideological underpinnings of the historical events, and he articulated the evolutionary progress of American democracy with fervor. He was a master of synthesizing wide-ranging aspects of history and philosophy, which garnered him a reputation as a profound thinker and an influential author in historical circles. Fiske passed away on July 4, 1901, but his works continue to be a reference point for students and enthusiasts of American history.

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