The Campaign of 1812

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This is a rare objective example of the war record created by the eye-witness. The value of this work is enormous, as the author, General von Clausewitz, was neither French nor Russian himself, therefore as free from national sentiments. The book gives an accurate and scientific record of all events from the arrival to Wilna campaign start to the Battle of Borodino and further retreat. You will also read about the most prominent personalities of the time, like Napoleon Buonaparte, Kutuzov, Ouspensky, Czar Alexander, and others. An author gives a deep strategic-level historical, political, and social analysis of events of the French campaign. For example, he touches upon the burning of Moscow, whether it was necessary, and what would be the consequences if the city had been preserved. Clausewitz tries to analyze other scenarios for Napoleon's retreat. Was it possible for him to save his army, and what factors did a great leader miss? Generally, "The Campaign of 1812" is a valuable source of rare information and analysis on one of the most crucial war campaigns in the history of humanity.

About the Author

Carl von Clausewitz (1780–1831) was a Prussian general and military theorist whose writings on the philosophy of war have become foundational in military strategy and theory. Born in Burg bei Magdeburg, Prussia, Clausewitz entered the Prussian Army at the age of 12, and later attended the Kriegsakademie, where he cultivated his interest in military theory. His experiences in the Napoleonic Wars, particularly in the Russian Campaign of 1812, deeply influenced his perspectives on warfare. Clausewitz's magnum opus, 'On War' ('Vom Kriege'), remained unfinished at his death and was published posthumously by his widow. While 'The Campaign of 1812' specifically refers to his analysis of the Napoleonic campaign in Russia, it is but a piece within his larger body of work. Clausewitz's literature is distinguished by its dialectic approach and examination of the complex interplay between political objectives and military means. His assertion that 'war is the continuation of politics by other means' underscores this relationship. Clausewitz's influence extends beyond military affairs; his concepts have been applied to business strategy, political science, and international relations, affirming his lasting impact on strategic thinking.

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