Murder in the Bookshop

ebook: Murder in the Bookshop

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About the eBook

This is a mystery novel that revolves around the murder of Philip Balfour. Balfour is a successful man who is passionate about collecting rare books. Balfour is married to Allie, whom he neglects in favor of his passion. He employs Keith Ramsey to manage his enterprise. When Balfour is informed that John Sewell has a pair of rare Lewis Carroll volumes for his collection, he goes to Sewell's Bookstore with Keith, however, the store is closed. He breaks in with Keith, and they begin searching the bookshelves for Lewis Carroll's volumes. The light goes out, and Philip is murdered. While Keith is chloroformed. Sewell realizes he needs to invite an old friend, Detective Fleming Stone to solve the murder mystery.

About the Author

Carolyn Wells (1862–1942) was an American author and poet, particularly known for her mystery novels. Born in Rahway, New Jersey, Wells developed an early love for literature, penning her first story at the age of six. She worked as a librarian and wrote verse and children's books before turning to mystery novels, where she found her true calling. With over 170 books to her name, Wells was prolific, and her writing spanned several genres, although she is most beloved for her whodunits. 'Murder in the Bookshop' is one of her well-celebrated titles, showcasing her penchant for crafting intricate plots with engaging characters. Wells had a knack for combining humor with suspense, a literary style that made her works both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Her detective stories, particularly those featuring her famed fictional sleuth Fleming Stone, have garnered her a respectable place among early 20th-century mystery writers. Wells was a member of the Detection Club and contributed to the genre's growth during its Golden Age. Her legacy continues to be appreciated by aficionados of classic mystery literature.

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