No!! 1

ebook: No!! 1

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

Erotic novel "NO!!", Part 1

12 hot chapters, illustrated in red light style

A woman parks at a forbidden spot and runs into a shop. It's a hot summer day, so she's wearing no bra under her silk dress.

Of course, a cop is already waiting when she comes back. And logically, he stares at her freely moving boobs, who wouldn't?

The naughty lawbreaker doesn't mind and even anticipates a funny scene. Why? Because she owns a special immunity card which lets her get away with traffic violations.

Having no idea whom she's dealing with, she decides to increase the tension by tempting the officer first.

That is a mistake of her life!

Abstract: I sharpen my tongue and gently lick the head of the male's pride in circles.

Then I form my lips in a round tight entrance and slowly screw that big-headed snake into my imaginary rabbit hole. And then I open my mouth as wide as I can to loosen the throat. The snake slips all the way in and gets trapped as soon as I push my lips together. Now I control the perv and have a plan.

Warning: 18+, sexual content, dirty language, BDSM

The story, all names, characters and incidents described in this book are fictitious. Any identification with actual people (living or deceased), places, buildings and products is unintentional and purely coincidental.

About the Author

San Sin is the Erotic Writer, who believes that our sexuality is a precious gift, meant to be the source of energy, health and pleasure.

We are invited to join the protagonists when they get into picky and dangerous situations and discover themselves through unusual and rousing sex.

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ISBN: 9783756851614