The Untamed, The Night Horseman, The Seventh Man & Dan Barry's Daughter

ebook: The Untamed, The Night Horseman, The Seventh Man & Dan Barry's Daughter

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This anthology gathers under its cover four pivotal western tales – 'The Untamed', 'The Night Horseman', 'The Seventh Man', and 'Dan Barry's Daughter', portraying the rugged landscapes and resilient personas of early twentieth-century America. These narratives, penned by the iconic Max Brand and Frederick Schiller Faust, offer a vivid spectrum of literary styles, ranging from the visceral to the introspective, and embody the spirit of adventure, human conflict, and the eternal quest for justice. The diverse and dynamic writing found here explores the complexities of morality and courage, making these stories stand out in the canon of Western literature. The contributing authors, Max Brand, and Frederick Schiller Faust – two pseudonyms for the same prolific writer – bring an unparalleled depth to the anthology. Brand/Faust was an influential figure in shaping the Western genre, intertwining his experiences and historical periods into compelling narratives. This collection represents key moments in the evolution of Western fiction, reflecting contemporary societal issues through the lens of the untamed American frontier. As such, it speaks not only to a genre's growth but also to the enduring human values amidst change and adversity. For enthusiasts of Western literature and scholars alike, this anthology offers a unique opportunity to engage with the multifaceted works of a master storyteller. Readers are invited to traverse the unyielding landscapes of the human and the natural, guided by characters whose stories echo the vast, uncharted territories of the American West. The collection is not only an exploration of the genre's roots but also a testament to the narrative power of courage, redemption, and the indomitable spirit. Engaging with this compilation is to witness the confluence of history, literature, and timeless human dilemmas, making it an essential addition to any literary collection.

About the Author

Max Brand, the pen name of Frederick Schiller Faust (1892–1944), was a prolific American author known for his Western stories, novels, and screenplays. Faust, under the pseudonym Max Brand and other aliases, produced an impressive body of work that was not only limited to Westerns but also spanned other genres such as detective fiction, historical romance, and even poetry. His narrative style, characterized by a blend of dramatic action and psychological depth, captured the imagination of his readers and established him as a significant figure in the pulp fiction era of the early 20th century. Among his notable works, 'The Untamed' introduced the indomitable character Dan Barry, a figure emblematic of Brand's unique blend of the mythic and the real Western frontier. This character's saga extended through 'The Night Horseman' and 'The Seventh Man,' culminating in 'Dan Barry's Daughter,' each novel further refining Brand's vision of the Western hero and the untamed landscape he inhabits. These works not only cultivated a dedicated readership during his lifetime but also continued to engage generations thereafter. Brand's influence permeates the Western genre, and his books remain a testament to his enduring legacy in American literature.

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