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Robert E. Howard's 'Vikings of the Gloves' features the rowdy adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan, a champion pugilist of the merchant ship Sea Girl, and his trusty bulldog Mike. With a blend of brawny action and homespun humor, Howard delves into the rough-and-tumble world of a sailor whose bouts extend beyond the boxing ring into the tumultuous Asiatic seas. This compendium assembles the rollicking 'Sailor Steve Costigan' narratives, establishing an anthology replete with vivid portrayals and the patented influence of Howard's Texas tall tale style. A departure from his typical sword and sorcery settings, these tales showcase Howard's adeptness at fusing action with wry humor, set against a backdrop familiar to pulp fiction enthusiasts of the early 20th century.nKnown for bringing the sword and sorcery genre to the forefront with the creation of the iconic character Conan the Barbarian, Robert E. Howard demonstrates his remarkable versatility in 'Vikings of the Gloves.' Drawing from his Texan roots and love for boxing, Howard infuses his personal passion for the sport and sense of regional storytelling into the heart of these tales. This work stands as a testament to Howard's range as a writer and offers insight into the less explored avenues of his imagination, reflecting the jovial and combative spirit of the times in which he lived.nAs an exemplar of pulp fiction and an unconventional piece within Howard's oeuvre, 'Vikings of the Gloves' commends itself to both aficionados of Howard's more famous works and readers new to his legacy. One is transported into the raucous life of Steve Costigan, where every skirmish and shipboard scuffle sparkles with the kind of heroic humor that only Howard could conjure. This collection is a prized catch for readers who relish a good fight tale, delight in maritime adventures, or simply yearn for a hearty laugh amidst perilous escapades under foreign skies.

About the Author

Robert Ervin Howard (1906–1936) was a seminal figure in the genre of sword and sorcery, as well as an innovator in the field of action-packed pulp fiction. Born and raised in Texas, Howard spent his life immersed in literature, drawing from the eclectic history and rugged landscapes around him to craft his tales. With a broad array of stories ranging from fantasy to historical adventure, Howard is most famously known for creating the character Conan the Barbarian, whose exploits were serialized in 'Weird Tales' magazine and have subsequently been collected into numerous volumes such as 'The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian'. Howard had the ability to transport readers to the far-flung corners of his imagination, replete with dark sorcery, epic battles, and mythic heroes. The alleged book 'Vikings of Gloves', however, does not appear to be a recognized work within Howard's bibliography and thus may call for further investigation for its validity. His literary style is characterized by vivid descriptions, a brisk pace, and an unyielding intensity that mirrored his own troubled life, leading to his premature death at the age of thirty by suicide. Howard's legacy endures through the countless adaptations of his work and the inspiration he has provided to generations of fantasy writers.

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