Das Spinnennetz

ebook: Das Spinnennetz


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Das Spinnennetz Joseph Roth - 1923, drei Tage vor Hitlers Putschversuch in München erschienen, zeichnet Das Spinnennetz das Porträt einer Gesellschaft von Mitläufern, die der Katastrophe entgegeneilt.

About the Author

Joseph Roth, journalist and novelist, was born and grew up in Brody, a small town near Lemberg in East Galicia, part of the easternmost reaches of what was then the Austro-Hungarian empire and is now Ukraine. Roth was born into a Jewish family. He died in Paris after living there in exile.

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Publisher: Phoemixx Classics Ebooks

Genre: Sachbuch

Language: German

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ISBN: 9783985942749