The Invisible Link to Your Dog

ebook: The Invisible Link to Your Dog

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

Whisper, don't shout - good advice is quiet ...

Times when dogs were trained to be only obedient or to carry out certain tasks are long gone. Many dog owners today wish to have a relationship based on mutual understanding and a much closer bond to their four-legged friend. This book presents a unique method that will help readers develop non-verbal, almost intuitive communication with their dogs. Most of our commands are made using our voice - however, this book will show readers how to train their dog to understand our wishes by knowing how to interpret our non-verbal signals. Many practical examples help develop an intimate link to dogs, that is based on harmony and on understanding each other.

About the Author

Dr. Angie Mienk grew up in the USA - dogs were part of her life from the very early start ever since her father and grandfather started to train dogs for the police, customs officers and the US Army. In the USA, Angie Mienk studied veterinary medicine and psychology, for which she gained a PHD in 2004. She now lives in Germany where she gives seminars to promote a more harmonious relationship between humans and dogs.

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Publisher: Cadmos Publishing

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