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In 'The Summons', A. E. W. Mason crafts a gripping narrative that delves into the nuanced depths of human emotion and adventure. With a literary style that reflects both the rich traditions of British literature and the innovative spirit of the early 20th century, Mason masterfully manipulates suspense and character development to transport the reader into a story that is as timeless as it is thrilling. Set against a backdrop of both exotic locales and the genteel landscapes of England, the tale is eminently reflective of the era's fascination with the far corners of the Empire and the complexities of the human psyche. The context of this reissue by DigiCat Publishing breathes new life into Mason's work, inviting both modern-day scholars and literary enthusiasts to revisit a classic that has been faithfully preserved for continued appreciation and academic examination.

A. E. W. Mason, an accomplished author and politician, was informed by his experiences and the world events of his time. His tenure as a Member of Parliament and service in World War I mingle within the pages, as his characters often face moral dilemmas and the demands of duty reminiscent of Mason's own life. The influence of his contemporaries, coupled with his keen understanding of the complexities of foreign affairs and human valor, underpins his motivations for composing 'The Summons'. The end result is a novel that not only tells a compelling story but also offers a window into the concerns and styles that animated early 20th-century literature.

'The Summons' is recommended for readers who yearn for stories that master the art of suspense while providing a keen insight into the human condition. It is a must-read for those who appreciate historical novels that offer both escapism and reflection, as well as for literary historians interested in the evolution of storytelling. In this carefully curated edition by DigiCat Publishing, Mason's work can be celebrated afresh, guaranteeing that its legacy continues to resonate and inspire a new generation of readers in search of classic literature's enduring power and relevance.

About the Author

Alfred Edward Woodley Mason, commonly known as A. E. W. Mason (1865–1948), was a prolific English author and politician best known for his adventure novels and his contribution to the genre of historical fiction. Born in London, Mason was educated at Dulwich College and later, Trinity College, Oxford. Before he carved out a niche for himself in the world of literature, Mason embarked on a career in acting, which soon gave way to his vocation as a writer. His breakthrough work, 'The Four Feathers' (1902), cemented his reputation as a master of adventure stories imbued with patriotism and exotic settings. However, it is not only his adventure tales but also his detective fiction that garnered considerable praise, particularly the Inspector Hanaud series which was of significant influence in the genre. 'The Summons' (1920), another notable work by Mason, is a novel encompassing the themes of love, mystery, and crime, and showcases his robust storytelling and suspenseful prose. Mason's literary style often wove together the thrills of adventure with the intricacy of detective narratives, providing readers with an immersive escape into different eras and locales. His works have left an enduring mark on English literature, resonating with subsequent generations' fascination with heroism, honor, and the intrigue of a bygone world.

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