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About the eBook

Andrew Lang's 'New Collected Rhymes' offers an immersive literary experience that harkens back to the lyrical traditions of the nineteenth century. Lang's poetry weaves together history, mythology, and personal sentiment, serving as a bridge between bygone romanticism and modern sensibilities. The collection, aptly handled by DigiCat Publishing, ensures these verses resonate with contemporary readers while preserving their original allure. Lang's distinct voice shines through in a variety of poetic structures and intimate themes, reflecting his mastery over rhyme and meter within the broader context of late Victorian and Edwardian literature.

Lang himself was a literary polymath, known not only for his contributions to poetry but also as a folklorist, critic, and anthropologist. His multifaceted interests are palpable throughout 'New Collected Rhymes,' which likely draws inspiration from his extensive research into folklore and his proficiency in examining cultural narratives. Lang's erudition and artistry converge to create a timeless collection that offers insights into the human condition through the elegant and succinct medium of poetry.

Diligently restored by DigiCat Publishing, 'New Collected Rhymes' is recommended for those who cherish the craftsmanship of classic poetry. It beckons to be picked up by students and aficionados of literature, as well as any reader wanting to explore the lyrical essence of the era. Inside its verses lies not just the poetic intellect of Lang but also the commitment of DigiCat to celebrating the legacy that is world literature.

About the Author

Andrew Lang (1844–1912) was a Scottish writer, poet, and critic, renowned for his work in anthropology and as a collector of folk and fairy tales. A prolific author, Lang's literary craftsmanship is exemplified in his poetry collection 'New Collected Rhymes' (1905), which echoes his diverse interests and erudition. Born in Selkirk, Lang was educated at St Andrews University and Balliol College, Oxford. He soon distinguished himself with a wide intellectual purview, encompassing history, mythology, and literary criticism. Lang's approach to retelling folk stories, avoiding the didactic to preserve their enchanting qualities, is reflected in his famous 'Fairy Books' series, which gained him international recognition as a master of folklore compilation. Integrating his poetic sensibility with a scholarly perspective, Lang's contributions to literature extend beyond his verses to his pivotal role in the development of psychical research and his notable works such as 'Myth, Ritual and Religion' (1887) and 'Custom and Myth' (1884). His literary style, marked by a deft and imaginative use of language, has made his works enduring classics, inviting readers into the rich tapestries of cultural myth and poetry.

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