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The Sisters is a historical fiction set in the 2nd century BC that narrates the story of the twin sisters Klea and Irene, growing up within the boundaries of the temple of Serapis and serving as its wards. Klea and Irene are entirely fictional personalities, but the writer of this work, German Egyptologist Georg Moritz Ebers, reminds the reader in the preface that he has attempted to give a precise picture of the historical features of the time in which these sisters live and function with the help of tolerably abundant sources. The author presents vivid descriptions of that period without using complex words that keep the reader engaged. Through his accurate historical narrative of the 2nd century BC, George Ebers has given us a fair amount of information about the people, their cultures and traditions, their mindsets and beliefs, and all that existed way before us.

About the Author

Georg Moritz Ebers, born on March 1, 1837, in Berlin, was a significant German Egyptologist and novelist. Ebers pursued an academic career in the mid-nineteenth century and, thanks to his extensive work at the University of Leipzig, he is largely credited with popularizing Egyptian studies in Europe. His breakthrough came through translating the ancient Egyptian papyrus, now named after him as the 'Ebers Papyrus,' a seminal piece that has served to deepen the understanding of Egyptian medicine. Beyond his scholarly pursuits, Ebers found a passion for novel writing. His skill in weaving historical accuracy with gripping narratives set his literary works apart. His novels often pivoted on Ancient Egyptian history and culture, successfully bridging the gap between academic research and popular fiction. Notably, 'The Sisters — Complete' is one of Ebers's immersive historical fictions set in Ancient Egypt, reflecting not just his profound knowledge but also his ability to translate that into compelling storytelling. Ebers's literary style typically featured rich, evocative descriptions and meticulous attention to historical detail, earning him a distinctive place in the realm of historical novelists. His legacy endures both through his contributions to Egyptology and his enduring literary works that continue to captivate readers with an interest in Ancient Egyptian civilization. Georg Ebers passed away on August 7, 1898, leaving behind a body of work that continues to educate and entertain.

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