George Washington's Rules of Civility

ebook: George Washington's Rules of Civility

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In his school years, George Washington copied 110 rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation. Previously, it was a book by the French monks, trendy in the times of Washington. Many researchers believe that such an exercise had a strong influence on the formation of Washington's character. Here, we present the reprint of George's Washington's Rules of Civility.

About the Author

Moncure Daniel Conway (1832-1907) was an American abolitionist, Unitarian clergyman, scholar, and prolific writer. Born in Virginia to an aristocratic slaveholding family, Conway's opposition to slavery was galvanized by his experiences at Harvard Divinity School and the influence of transcendentalist thought. He authored numerous books, including a tome on 'George Washington's Rules of Civility,' wherein he did not simply provide an annotated republication but used the historical text as a prism to explore the ethical and moral standards of antebellum American society. Conway's literary style blended meticulous historical research with an impassioned advocacy for social reform, which was evident in his writings advocating for the end of slavery, promoting women's rights, and later, engaging in free thought and opposing organized religion. His works often reflected a deep humanism and an almost prophetic vision for a society free from the injustices of his time. An expatriate for a significant portion of his life, Conway's later works were influenced by his experiences abroad, especially in England. In addition to his abolitionist and historical writings, he produced biographies, including ones about Thomas Paine and Nathaniel Hawthorne, and his autobiography, 'Autobiography, Memories and Experiences' (1904), provided an invaluable window into the intellectual and social controversies of the 19th century.

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