The Story of Atlantis

ebook: The Story of Atlantis

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The Story of Atlantis is an anthropological study by English theosophist William Scott-Elliot about legendary ancient island Atlantis. Scott-Elliot came into contact with theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater who claimed that he received some knowledge about ancient Atlantis. Scott-Elliot undertook scholarly research to back his theory. He offers a different perspective on the history of civilization, speculating that the world has regenerated at least five times. New races emerged on Atlantis from the surviving ape-like creatures from Lemuria. This led to the Atlantean races, beginning with the black skinned "Rmoahal" and leading to the "copper coloured" Tlavatli, who were ancestor-worshippers, and then the "Toltecs", who had advanced technology including "airships". The Toltecs were succeeded by "First Turanians" and then "Original Semites". These later produced further sub-races, the Akkadians and Mongolians. A group of Akkadians migrated to Britain 100,000 years ago, where they built Stonehenge. Scott-Elliot also claimed that Atlantis split into two linked islands, one called Daitya, and the other Ruta. Eventually only a remnant of Ruta remained, called Poseidonis, before that too disappeared.

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