My Word is Mighty

ebook: My Word is Mighty

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About the eBook

The Power of Healing with Strengthening
and Protecting Words

Shamans in indigenous communities and healing practitioners in our culture work with word magic and magic words. Behind the ritual words in spells, invocations, prayers and chants there are often hidden powers. The word is embodied thought, which becomes action in the word and creates reality.
How important it is to become aware of the effect of words is also shown by the dark side of word magic: harm spells, harm words in medicine, verbal beatings in education and bullying.
Based on more than thirty years of experience in shamanic work, Nana Nauwald shows practical ways to healing, strengthening and protecting words and rituals that everyone can use in everyday life and for their own ritual work.

About the Author

Nana Nauwald, born 1947, artist, author, lecturer in rituals of perception for 33 years. Researcher of shamanic worlds. She published many books on shamanism by her own experience. In English available are: Ecstatic Trance - A Workbook, and: Flying with Shamans - Schamanic Fairy Tales and Myths.,

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