Wild Horse Mesa

ebook: Wild Horse Mesa

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Wild Horse Mesa is a western set in Utah during the late 1800s that circles a wild-horse wrangler, Chane Weymer. His biggest win would be to capture the great wild stallion, Panquitch, whose shelter is Wild Horse Mesa. This pursuit of entrapping a herd of wild horses makes an engaging set-piece and holds the reader's interest in discovering the next moves of the hero.
This action-packed story also has a slight romantic angle, making it even more enjoyable. It's full of horse thieves, horse chases, Indians, and several significant twists and turns. Like all of Zane Grey's westerns, this one also has incredibly vivid descriptions of the west, the scenery, and the people, along with powerful and lifelike characterizations. Grey is a master at illustrating action scenes with such perfect imagery that one can visualize it happening. This work is a must-read for those who love westerns or action in general.

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