Medieval London (Vol. 1&2)

ebook: Medieval London (Vol. 1&2)

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About the eBook

Medieval London is a historical account of the England's capital during the Middle Ages, written by Sir Walter Besant, English novelist and historian who dedicated most of his life researching history and topography of London. The work is divided in three parts: first part is historical and it deals with mediaeval sovereigns of England and their treatment of the city; second part presents general view of London, dealing with social life, customs, tradition, and other aspect of city life such as trade, crime, literature or sports. Final part of the work is ecclesiastical and deals with religion, religious houses and objects of faith that signified the capital of England in the Middle Ages.

About the Author

Sir Walter Besant (1836-1901) was an English novelist and historian. His novels were socially aware and he endeavored to arouse the public conscience to the hardship among the poorest classes of cities. In addition to his fiction, Besant wrote largely on the history and topography of London. Besant was a freemason, joining the Lodge of Harmony in Mauritius in 1862. He became Master of Marquis of Dalhousie Lodge, London in 1873.

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