Sleeper Turns Horse-Thief

ebook: Sleeper Turns Horse-Thief

Sprache - Englisch

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Another Sleeper story, featuring Sleeper, a gunslinger turned horse-thief, from the collection „More Tales of the Wild West”. Six action-packed stories of the Old West, filled with unforgettable characters, includes „A Lucky Dog,” in which man’s best friend helps a would-be killer and thief find salvation, along with „A First Blooding,” „Inverness,” (aka „Sleeper Turns Horse-Thief”) and „Death in Alkali Flat.” In this story Sleeper is hired to break a horse and turns horse-thief. No pulp writer was more prolific than Frederick Faust, who wrote nearly 15 million words under the pen name of Max Brand and seventeen others. Brand has been labeled „one of the top three Western novelists of all time” so western fans will be in for a treat.

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