The Cat and the Perfume

ebook: The Cat and the Perfume

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One of the greatest western authors of all time, superstar pulpsmith Max Brand, the pen name of Frederick Faust, was an incredibly proficient author who wrote many books, stories, and even poetry. Also, he wrote somewhere around 12 or 13 historical swashbucklers not including the seven Tizzo stories. Faust spent time in Italy every year and soaked up the atmosphere and history. The Tizzo stories came out of his Italian sojourn. The complete tales of Tizzo contains the following stories: „The Firebrand”, „The Great Betrayal”, „The Storm”, „The Cat and the Perfume”, „Claws of the Tigress”, „The Bait and the Trap”, „The Pearls of Bonfadini”. These seven stories of 16th Century Italian Renaissance swashbuckling swordsman Tizzo are tightly-plotted, action-packed adventures which were rarely equaled in quality by Brand’s contemporaries.

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