Fuerteventura ...in a different way!

ebook: Fuerteventura ...in a different way!

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3rd COMPACT edition 2020
With over 3000 hours of sunshine, endless sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, the paradise of Fuerteventura is at your feet. The compact travel guide Fuerteventura in a different way! 2020 takes you to all the highlights in a photo-free and understandable way with numerous detailed maps and exact information. It is the best and most up-to-date travel guide with the guarantee of pure holiday happiness. With extended maps and detailed location information you can easily find all the sights. Up-to-date background information lets you immediately immerse yourself in current and historical island events. In addition, 5 incomparable panoramic routes round off your holiday.
To the north, discover the small, naturally protected island jewel of Los Lobos and head from the bustling Corralejo to the breathtaking shifting sand dunes and beautiful beaches of Playas Grandes. If you want even more sand under your feet, visit the long playade Sotavento, the popular Playas de Jandía and the secluded playa de Barlovento in Cofete. On no account should you miss the yet undiscovered popcorn beach.
During city walks you will be immersed in the historical island history in La Oliva, Betancuria and La Ampuyenta. Walk in the footsteps of the natives through La Atalayita, see secret rock carvings in Casa Alta de Tindaya and learn about traditional country life in the open-air museum La Alcogida.
Your excursion programme should also include a visit to the Faro de Tostón lighthouses with the Fisheries Museum, the picturesque Faro Punta de Entallada and the Faro de Jandía on the southern tip of Fuerteventura. You are guaranteed to be impressed by the numerous windmills, as well as the Molino de Antigua and the mill museum in Tascamanita.
You will have fabulous views from the astronomical Mirador de Sicasumbre, the Morro Velosa above Betancuria and the Mirador Guise y Ayose, whose oversized statues are dedicated to the kings of the natives.
Take a break and go shopping in the capital Puerto del Rosario in the island's largest shopping centre Las Rotondas, or browse for typical souvenirs at the handicraft and African markets. Visit the award-winning goat cheese dairies La Pared and Maxorata and taste the fine cheeses.
Even as a family with children you will get your money's worth. Sunbathe and swim in the tranquil Caleta de Fueste bay, crown an unforgettable day at Oasis Wildlife Park with a camel ride, see and pet goats,

About the Author

The German author Andrea Müller has been living in Lanzarote for 7 years. After her first vacation, the multifaceted volcanic island with its mild climate fascinated her so much that she decided to stay on the island permanently after several stays. In order to present the unique fascination of the entire Canary Islands to holidaymakers, Ms. Müller has been travelling the Canary Islands since 2013 and has published various travel guides under the brand in a different way! .
The author attaches great importance to detailed information and comprehensive insider knowledge as well as helpful tips on how to guide holidaymakers across the Canary Islands. She says: "The Canaries want to be discovered evenly".

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