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Fans of Romeo and Juliet will delight in the novella „Vendetta”, Honoré de Balzac’s unique take on the timeless theme of star-crossed lovers. This short novel is a story of love and revenge, dealing with the vendetta between two families of Corsican origin, set in early 19th century Paris just after the fall of Napoleon. It relates the tragic fate of Ginevra Piombo, the daughter of proud Corsican immigrants, who has the misfortune of falling in love with another Corsican Luigi Porta. When it becomes known that Luigi is the sole survivor of a massacre in which the rest of his family were the victims of a bloody vendetta with Ginevra’s family, Ginevra’s father Bartolomeo is determined to complete the act of vengeance by having him killed. But Ginevra refuses to yield to her father’s demands and she and Luigi are married...

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