Highly Sensitive

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Highly Sensitive: The Practical Manual For Dealing With High Sensitivity And Highly Sensitive People (High Sensitivity Guide: Including Many Tips And Tricks For Private And Professional Everyday Life).

Highly sensitive living: Calm through all everyday situations without sensory overload!

The phenomenon of high sensitivity is becoming more and more well-known. Not least because it seems to be an increasingly frequent phenomenon - even if too many highly sensitive people are still not really aware of their own special characteristics. But many have meanwhile recognized their special sensitivity and thus laid the foundation for a less irritating, stress-free, need-oriented and ultimately happier life. High sensitivity can be a great challenge for those affected - but it is not only a curse but also a blessing.

This guide addresses the topic of "high sensitivity" and is therefore suitable for people who are affected themselves, as well as for relatives, parents of highly sensitive children or people who simply want to look more closely at the topic.

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