Under Western Eyes

ebook: Under Western Eyes

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This novel is considered to be one of Conrad’s major works and in subject matter is close to The Secret Agent. It is also full of conflict about the historical failures of revolutionary movements and ideals. Razumov is a career-motivated young man, unwillingly trapped in a political situation. As he travel to Geneva (from St. Petersburg), brings hope that he is going to go back to his normal life, while he is getting more involved in politic, by felling in love with the sister of his own victim...Never having experienced any kind of warmth or affection, Razumov reveals the truth to Natalie and suffers the consequences for his betrayal. Writing before the Russian revolution, Conrad tries to elucidate Russia for the western reader. As such, you get some revolutionaries and bureaucrats, and a protagonist caught in between.The strength of the book is what Conrad’s strength often is, his ability to see into the hearts and minds of characters. In this case he is aiming to see into the psychology of Russia as a country, and hits a few bull’s eyes.

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