The Lone Star Ranger

ebook: The Lone Star Ranger

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„The Lone Star Ranger” is a 1915 Western novel by American author Zane Grey. Set in Texas, the story revolves around the exploits of a band of Texas Rangers and Buck Duane, an outlaw on a quest for redemption. A captain of the Texas Rangers offers him a pardon and a ranger’s badge if he will infiltrate the gang of the shadowy figure known as „Cheseldine” who wields vast power in West Texas, and make it possible for the Rangers to break the gang’s hold on the region’s towns. Duane accepts, never guessing in his wildest nightmares that he would sniff out this Cheseldine, his hideouts, his lieutenants... and fall in love with his daughter! There is plenty of action and gunplay, but „The Lone Star Ranger” has an emotional and psychological depth that really elucidated the mentality of the lone wolf outlaw and driven Texas ranger.

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