Tregarthen's Wife

ebook: Tregarthen's Wife

Sprache - Englisch

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This novel tells the story of Tregarthen and Mary Blenkiron, an heiress and an exceedingly beautiful girl. At forty she is the absolute owner of three flourishing daily papers, all of which she had built up for herself in America. She and her companion Miriam Murch, visit the Island of Tregarthen, the land of her ancestors. She is the granddaughter of Marcia Blenkiron who had once been Marcia Tregarthen. The Island is said to belong to a man simply addressed as Tregarthen. Excerpt: Tourists who have heard of the place and tried to get a footing here have been rigidly excluded. And I don't fancy that Mary Blenkiron, beauty, and heiress, will care to be shot off the island like a common trespasser ...."Did they not tell you at Trevose that under no circumstances were strangers permitted within the Dominion of Tregarthen? I am king here, I make my laws, and I can imprison my subjects without let or hindrance. I could send you to jail, and the British House of Commons has no right of interference."

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