Friendship Village Love Stories

ebook: Friendship Village Love Stories

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

Friendship Village Love Stories contains charming romantic accounts of the citizens of a village called Friendship. It's a place where no one is sick or poor, and the women look after each other and have a strong bond. The narrator has come to Friendship village to escape an unhappy relationship and is interested in the lives of the village residents, including Calliope Marsh, Mame Bliss, Mame Wallace, Amanda Toplady, and others. The people of the village use a folksy dialect that is entertaining and gives a unique touch to the stories. Zona Gale established herself as a realistic narrator of Midwestern village life when she started publishing a series of local-color stories set in Friendship Village. The inspiration for this incredible place came from her hometown of Portage, Wisconsin. This work gives the readers a glimpse of an early 20th-century midwestern village.

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