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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this meticulously edited collection of the greatest works by Zane Grey: Betty Zane_x000D_ The Spirit of the Border: A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley_x000D_ The Last of the Plainsmen_x000D_ The Last Trail_x000D_ The Heritage of the Desert_x000D_ The Young Forester_x000D_ The Young Lion Hunter _x000D_ Riders of the Purple Sage_x000D_ Desert Gold_x000D_ The Light of the Western Stars_x000D_ The Rustlers of Pecos County_x000D_ The Lone Star Ranger: A Romance of the Border_x000D_ Rainbow Trail_x000D_ The Border Legion_x000D_ Wildfire_x000D_ The UP Trail_x000D_ The Desert of Wheat_x000D_ The Man of the Forest_x000D_ The Mysterious Rider_x000D_ To the Last Man_x000D_ The Day of the Beast_x000D_ Wanderer of the Wasteland _x000D_ Tappan's Burro_x000D_ Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon_x000D_ The Code of the West_x000D_ Valley of Wild Horses_x000D_ The Fugitive Trail_x000D_ Tales of Lonely Trails (Author's Account of American Wild West Trails)_x000D_ Zane Grey (1872-1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that were a basis for the Western genre in literature and the arts. With his veracity and emotional intensity, he connected with millions of readers worldwide, during peacetime and war, and inspired many Western writers who followed him. Grey was a major force in shaping the myths of the Old West; his books and stories were adapted into other media, such as film and TV productions. He was the author of more than 90 books, some published posthumously and/or based on serials originally published in magazines.

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