Human Who are you?

ebook: Human Who are you?

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

Where do I come from and where am I going? This is the primordial question of all questions that catches up with each of us at some point; some sooner, some later. A question worth thinking about, especially now.

The world is changing faster than we would like and every day we are faced with new challenges, natural disasters, pandemics, diseases or simply everyday problems.

If you are interested in various areas around the topic "human being", you might find something here. A little philosophy meets with a little theosophy to seek out answers.
It in no way aims to lecture. Rather, the poems and essays are intended to inspire the reader to deepen his own research into what it is really all about.

Who am I and what am I doing here? Or, put differently, the search for the meaning of life gives life meaning.

About the Author

Angela Wekx was born in Viersen in 1966 and now lives with her family, three dogs and a cat in Nettetal. She has published numerous poems and essays in anthologies and internet forums, as well as a fantasy novel for young people and two children's books.

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