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Über das eBook

'The Germans love it systematically.' Basic characteristics of intercultural communication between your own and the German business life are presented with practical relevance. Become familiar with the specifics of the German business life effectively and pragmatically. Efficient guidelines for your first intercultural encounters, sorted by different topics at work and typical situations: traditions, regulations, forms of address and greeting, work ethic, appointments, standards, rules and treaties, negotiating and presenting, the proper way to communicate, Marketing, Sales, Product Management, at a restaurant, invitations. If you are about to meet business partners or colleagues from Germany, or if you are going to travel to the country on a job-related matter, whether you are about to have your first business contacts with German people: This practical training will be an excellent investment for your international success.

Über den Autor

Der Autor ist M.A. Kommunikationswissenschaft der LMU München. Seit 1994 hauptberuflich in der internationalen Kommunikationsbranche tätig, liegt sein persönlicher Schwerpunkt auf den interkulturellen Besonderheiten und Schnittstellen der Kulturen dieser Welt.

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