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Whereas you could read in Karan how Dev finds out what his life is about by getting to know Karan and his love, the sequel will show the other side. In the second book of the Karan saga, Karan's development will be focussed on –naturally accompanied by his sometimes uncomprehending, but always supporting Dev. Readers will be able to watch how Karan leaves Dev's protective shadow, experiences his coming out and finally conquers a life of his own. Synopsis The world is crowded by inner and outer demons, and they all seem to relish the stupid quirk of not being able to leave Dev Rao and Karan Mahal alone. After hot-tempered Dev and shy Karan were forced to fight against and for their love for so many years, they are finally living together in London – though not yet officially – as a couple. If, from now on, there were only the adversities of everyday family and professional life to be kept under control, nobody would so much as utter a single word of complaint. After all, quarrels and conciliations have always been an integral part of them being together, which is not really astonishing, taking their entirely different characters into account. But this time the adversary is even stronger. Not only does Dev's past close in on them and endanger their relationship. But also Karan's old enemy re-enters their life. An adversary, who comes from within and threatens to destroy everything. As is commonly known – you cannot escape the fear residing deep inside yourself...

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