A Year of Prophesying

eBook: A Year of Prophesying

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This book contains fifty-five articles that explore contemporary issues in the early twentieth century. The volume contains some of the following articles: The League Of Nations And The Federation Of Mankind - The Singapore Arsenal - The League Of Nations Again - The Aviation Of The Half-Civilised - Will Germany Break Into Pieces? - The Future Of The British Empire - Winston - The Other Side In France - The Last Of The Victorians - Politics As A Public Nuisance - The Re-Emergence Of Mr. Lloyd George - Spain And Italy Whisper Together - Latin America And The League - Cosmopolitan And International - The Parliamentary Triangle - Modern Government: Parliament And Real Electoral Reform - Scrapping The Gold Standard - The Hub Of Europe: Czecho-Slovakia And France - The Mandarins At The Gate: The Revival Of The Old Learning Lenin: Private Capitalism Against Communism

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