The Daffodil Mystery

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The Daffodil Mystery is a thriller novel that tells the story of Odette Rider. Thornton Lyne who heads Lyne Stores fires Odette Rider after she rejects his sexual advances. Thornton Lyne invites Jack Tarling, a detective, to discuss his cashier Milburgh's embezzlement. In his anger with Odette, Lyne decides to blame her for the embezzlement instead. Jack Tarling refuses to handle the case when he realizes that Thorton Lyne is out to frame Miss Rider just because she turned him down. Jack Tarling finds Odette and immediately warns her about Thornton Lyne. Thornton Lyne is found dead in the park with one of Odette's nightgowns wrapped around his neck. Will Tarling believe Miss Rider and prove her innocence?

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