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Thousands of boys and girls have been captivated by Lang's colorful fairy tale works. Andrew Lang and his wife, Leonora Blanche Alleyne, wrote The Langs' Fairy Books, a series of 25 compilations of factual and fictitious stories for children. The 12 collections of fairy tales known as Andrew Lang's "Colored" Fairy Book or Andrew Lang's Multicolored Fairy Book are the most well-known publications in this series. While his wife was also a writer and translator, Andrew Lang was a Scottish poet, novelist, and literary critic. In addition to being widely regarded as the greatest English translation of classic tales, Lang's collection is also the richest and widest, with the colorful writing that made Lang renowned serving as the narration. One of the books in the collection, The Lilac Fairy Book, has tales from Wales, Portugal, Ireland, and other Eastern and Western locales.

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