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Down and Out in Paris and London is a memoir by George Orwell, first published in 1933. It is a two part book that discusses the poverty Orwell saw in the two cities, and was his first full length work. The first part is an account of the author's experience of living in destitution in Paris, and working as casual labour in restaurant kitchens. The second part is Orwell's account of life on the road as a homeless person in London, with descriptions of hostels, and the characters he meets. In an admission that there are parts of the book which may have been exaggerated, Orwell, writing in 'In The Road to Wigan Pier' said that "nearly all the incidents described there actually happened, though they have been re-arranged." The first version of the book which only included the chapters on Paris, was to be called 'A Scullion's Diary'. Having this version rejected, Orwell, a year later, offered up the book again, this time with the London chapters added. However, this was also rejected. When it finally got accepted by Victor Gollancz, the name 'George Orwell' was chosen by Eric Blair (Orwell's real name) as the one he would use on this book, and on all of his major works in the future. Other names under consideration were, P.S. Burton, Kenneth Miles, and, H. Lewis Allways.

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