The Little Hunchback Zia

eBook: The Little Hunchback Zia

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The Little Hunchback is set in biblical times, during the birth of Christ. It explores the story of a deserted and deformed orphan boy, Zia, who is sent to beg for the evil woman who keeps him. One day, hiding in the bush near the road to Bethlehem, he watches many families and animals pass on the street, lively and cheerfully. He later falls asleep crying in painful loneliness. Then, in the night, Zia wakes up smiling, feeling a sudden calm. Several exciting events follow, and Zia casts aside his "ugliness" to discover who he actually is through his inner spirit. Every page of this little book will draw the readers closer to Zia's experiences and emotions. Even though the story is based on the famous events of the Bible, and the ending might be predictable to many, every benevolent word of this wonderful story is precious. This short Christmas myth story is melodramatic and sentimental and is an excellent read during the holiday season.

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