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"Revolution, and Other Essays" by Jack London is a collection of stories. Most, but not all, of its contents concern socialism and injustice. Some of the essays are: - Revolution: a story on capitalism's flaws and how everything will be flawless after one socialist revolution. - The Somnambulists: an essay about how we lose touch with our true nature and deceive ourselves about our motivations and moral standards. The honest effort of prizefighters is contrasted with the untruthful exploitation of forced child labor. - The Dignity of Dollars: an essay about how powerful the money in your pocket is. As it makes you more honorable. - Goliah: a story of a man who has become so powerful that he can push the world towards becoming a Utopia. He defines his acts as socialism, a centralized economy, gov't restrictions on who can produce offspring, and re-education camps for those who may not agree. - The Shrinkage of the Planet: an essay on how the world appears to be shrinking as a result of speedier communication and transportation - The House Beautiful: a beautiful dream of building a house-boat no one has ever built…

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