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I have a small successful company through which I have been able to establish successful business contacts with companies in southern European countries. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to learn a new language. I leafed through the current offerings of the local adult education center and found an Italian course for beginners, which I quickly signed up for.

On the first of the twelve evenings, a small group of eager language students met with the teacher in the functionally but very soberly furnished classroom at the VHS. The age of the participants varied from 17 to 65 and they seemed to be a nice bunch. Outstanding, however, was our teacher. Born a little over 40 years ago in a small village near Naples, of the type of vivacious glowing-eyed southern Italian. With the right pounds in the right places, but obviously endowed with a fair amount of misjudgment for the right dress size. I don't want to blaspheme, because I like women who are clearly more than a skinny model, but then they should please also choose the appropriate dress size.

My young seat neighbor obviously had the same thought and revealed to me unasked and whispering his idea of a perfect woman. After a general round of introductions, we began our introduction to the Italian language and Carina, as the teacher had introduced herself, explained the learning objective and her methods. So the first evening flew by and with the first homework in our luggage, everyone headed home.

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Dear readers Thank you for purchasing my book. My name is Tricia Williams. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1982. I have been writing stories of all kinds since I was a child. The older I got, the more I was drawn to erotic literature. Yours Tricia

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