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His lips sought her mouth, locking it, hot and intimate. Tenderly he caressed her face, letting his hand wander over her shoulders, sliding down to her waist. It was just beautiful, just watching the couple. I had to think of Julian, how I snuggled in his strong arms, he kissed me fiery. Am I crazy? The son of a bitch looks over to me, winks at me! Again I had Julian in front of my eyes, the self-proclaimed womanizer. When I was here with him in the bath on the lawn so tenderly together. Did he also flirt with other women when he was with me? Anger rose up in me, abruptly I turned around. Elly looked over at me in amazement. "Which louse got into your head?" "Oh, that shithead over there is making out with his chick and hitting on me at the same time". "So what," Elly shrugged indifferently. "Men."

She jumped up- "Come into the water with me." Invitingly, she reached out her hand, pulling me up. "It's much too beautiful here at the lake to be annoyed by such a, - a, - masculine primate". She was right, I ran along. The lake was really wonderful, in general the day was wonderful. Not too hot yet, and yet already pleasant water temperatures. We swam out quickly, fooling around, splashing each other with water, diving each other. Elly was my cousin, at the same time friend and frequent companion, if I did not want to go somewhere alone. Actually, we were quite opposite, but maybe that's why we got along so well.

Elly was quite unathletic, a bit chubby and was largely left alone by the opposite sex. She summed it up once bone-dry at a party after a few beers. "I am the typical Promillebraut, they must drink themselves first once beautifully"! So crass it was not, but a grain of truth was at each rumor. I already stood out to Elly, we were very aware of that, but we didn't care. I played tennis, went horseback riding, was always on the move, never really came to rest.

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Dear readers Thank you for purchasing my book. My name is Tricia Williams. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1982. I have been writing stories of all kinds since I was a child. The older I got, the more I was drawn to erotic literature. Yours Tricia

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